Jayar Bass

Jayar Bass, a.k.a. "The Pixelmechanic" is a 34 year old digital artist in the Philadelphia area. With over 15 years of experience ranging from 3D modeling and animation, to digital printing and video production, he is capable of taking on projects of almost any genre.

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"I think [the poster] looks great!! I wish I had your talent. You are a great artist in so many ways!! I admire it."
- Jennifer Leighton, Montgomery Bucks Music Awards



Digital Art

A small collection of my graphic design work.


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Muscle Shoals Revival



Muscle Shoals Revival is the kind of rock n roll music that makes you want to get up and dance,let loose have a few drinks and hopefully take some chances that you may, or may not regret.

Their original compositions contain strong lyrics that come from the heart, driven by soul & life experiences that will give you goose bumps and get the blood pumping through your veins! Muscle Shoals Revival’s music is heavily influenced by the rootsy, Americana rock and soul that was recorded in the sixties and seventies at the Alabama studio with the same name. Muscle Shoals Revival's cover material includes classics and obscurities from The Rolling Stones, The Band, and The Grateful Dead, as well as a healthy dose of soul and blues, including James Brown, Muddy Waters, and Bill Withers.

Serenity Junction



Serenity Junction Wellness Center, LLC is interested in helping people to feel better every day, reducing the pain associated with daily living. The specialized equipment offered here is specifically designed to stimulate and enhance the proper function of the human body. Read more about the benefits of using the equipment offered at Serenity Junction, or call to talk to a specialist at our location in Boyertown, PA.

Opple Topple Music Festival



Opple Topple Festival comes from some old festival organizers. We've been involved with a variety of well known venues including O.U.R. Fest, Endless Music Mountain Fest, Live Stock, Stir Fry Music Revival, as well as being friends with Jibber Jazz, the All Good Music Festivals, the Philadelphia Folk Festival and Bonnaroo.

Our mission is to support the local live music scene blending national artists with the areas hottest bands in a festival setting. A stadium quality concert for the working mans wallet.

JB ColorCoat



JB Colorcoat was created as a job shop to deliver a professional, high quality finish with quick turnaround for all your industrial screen printing needs, along with a competitive price. We specialize in finishing small order jobs and prototypes; however, our automated screen printing press allows us the capacity to handle some large quantity jobs as well. Our in-house screen fabrication capability cuts down project lead time, and we specialize in using durable epoxy inks, available in both standard and custom colors.

Make Your Poem A Song



This service will provide music to your poem or words. We will turn your poem, your words, into a song. You can choose, from our (patent pending) one-of-a-kind music menus, exactly how you want your song to sound. Along with choosing from the Genre MenuSM (style), Emotions MenuSM , Suggested Instruments MenuSM , Sound Effects MenuSM , Beat (time signature) MenuSM and Vocals MenuSM , you will be able to provide your vision of how the song will sound musically, a sort of blueprint from you to the composer. You can choose to have the music written around your words, with a verse, chorus and bridge (in any order you would like), or just as background music.


3D Basement Waterproofing System

"Buildings of Fire" Abstract

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Opple Topple II Poster

Campbell Companies Letterhead & Buisnesscard Design

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Fixture - Modeled in SolidWorks

Fixture @ all Angles - Modeled in SolidWorks

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