About Jayar Bass

meJayar Bass is a digital artist in the Philadelphia area with over 20 years of experience.

When I was six years old, I taught myself to program Basic on a TRS-80 hooked to my cabinet TV in the living room. I made a few simple animations, my favorite being a RADAR screen with a spinning “scanning” line and random dots that would move around the screen while I played army man on rainy days.

My love for computers exploded when I had access to my first IBM 8086 with a modem. After years of trial and error, my computer classes became tutoring sessions. I could finish my work within minutes, and then walk around the room to help others. In high school, I networked the entire chain of Mac’s so that the class didn’t have to battle over one machine to print something.

During the end of my senior year of high school, I joined a company called Dash Network, created their logo, taught myself web design over night, and then took a position as Webmaster at one of their sister companies, CyberNet Technologies. My career took off from there. Within a very short time starting with the company, I was building computers, managing servers at our ISP, and creating websites and graphics for all clients.

Since then, I’ve been a backbone for many startup companies creating advertisements, websites, corporate branding, as well as visuals for sales teams. I’ve learned many scripting and programming languages and have utilized them for and beyond their own capacity for clients and personal projects. Two of these accomplishments are 1, creating the first character animation in Bruce 3D, and 2, creating the first mouse-over GUI with mIRC scripting.

I’ve gained experience in almost every aspect of design and technology and continue to pursue higher goals and new challenges.

Some of our larger projects include:

New services coming soon:

Stay tuned for DEKER Industries, coming soon!

If you browse the site you may notice a few images with “Pixelmechanic.net” watermarks. I am the original Pixelmechanic, and have been online since the days of BBS’s. The name was abandoned after too many impostors dragged the name through the dirt with mediocre web work and amateur graphic design.

JrStudios is the new hotness that can offer almost everything under the sun. A few of these services include:

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