Da Plow

This idea started immediately after I installed the new winch on my quad. After a few battles back and forth with where and how to mount it, I evolved into a simple and easily executable design very quickly. Even without major fabrication advantages like plasma-cut parts or a press-brake, I believe this design could be executed in a normal garage on a Saturday, with an angle grinder and a 110V wire-feed MIG.

After making the first draft (below), I also realized that i don’t really need all three adjustment points. There will never be a need to turn the blade a full 60 degrees. Not only that, but it would definitely hit the front tires before that even happened.


Next step is the hard part. After I finalize the design for the mount for my quad, I’d like to make it universal. My current mounting idea is very simple. Just a few flat-stock steel bars with cotter pins attached to the quad frame.