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Mountain Shank Forge Build

My dear friend, Dave Myers, runs a super stellar hand forged knife company called Mountain Shank. When the situation came up that he needed a new forge, he did some research and ended up with a nice little propane powered thing a bit smaller than a mail box. It worked great… for a while… The […]

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Montco Fence Brochure

We’ve got your outdoors covered! In Need of a Fence Contractor? Montco Fence is the Number One Family Owned and Operated Fence Company for all of your Fencing and Backyard Needs! We do the work ourselves – We never subcontract! Whether you’re looking to make your outdoors a little more functional or a lot more […]

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Years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting someone that ended up becoming one of my best friends. We’d hang out and play music almost every weekend. I taught him some tips and tricks of playing guitar in the years that followed, and he ended up gifting me his Arianna acoustic when he bought his […]

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