Mountain Shank Forge Build

My dear friend, Dave Myers, runs a super stellar hand forged knife company called Mountain Shank. When the situation came up that he needed a new forge, he did some research and ended up with a nice little propane powered thing a bit smaller than a mail box. It worked great… for a while…

The thin metal construction just couldn’t handle the volume. The poor thing had a few too many bad ass railroad ties, cable ends, lawn mower blades, leaf springs, wrenches, and any other piece of metal thats not attached to something in shop that he would hammer into shanks, swords, machetes, axes, cleavers, and whatever else pops into this crazy creative craftsman’s brain feathers.

It finally took a crap on him a few days ago, and right when I heard about it, I remembered that I had just the thing. When we first decided to put our wood stove in the downstairs room, we would have to knock out a cinder-block. So my brilliant engineer father came up with a plan for 1/4″ thick pipe with 1″ thick metal sides that I would weld together to make a super strong “replacement block” that the flu pipe could just pass through the middle of.

However, when the chimney guy came to install it, he said we didn’t need it. So it just sat outside collecting rust. I was almost going to make a forge for my own shop out of it at first, but when I heard his finally kicked the bucket, it was the first thing that popped into my head. We brought it over to the shop and went to town on it.


Tack welding the “feet”

Stitch welding the “feet”

Welding on the valve stem

Stem secure

Dave with the plasma cutter for a front half plate and back cover

Welding the front plate

We decided to just stitch the back plate to let some airflow in from the back side, then we fired it up!

She works GREAT! And now it’s stronger, better… just like Mountain Shank Knives! 😀

Back to shankin!

“So who cares that you just welded up some plates to a tube and called it a forge.” Yea. Drink the rest of your haterade. We forged a forge to forge. And we might start making them available to the public after we finalize the design. So go sell that to the pope on a sunday… :-p

Make sure to head over to Mountain Shank’s website and buy yourself a one-of-a-kind, hand-forged, American made shank of art!