As a musician since the age of 15, a sound ninjaneer for almost 20 years, my home recording library is in the hundreds.

“The Cuddle Struggle” Is now available for streaming below. The full album is now available here!! If you would like to support my music with a donation, click here and get a FREE bonus track pack of cover songs!

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As my friends and family will agree to, I am pretty much a tech nerd whether I’m rebuilding a computer from stray parts or soldering a mess of wires to modify something. I’ve also been playing music since I could stand. After building my first amplifier out of an old portable tape recorder, I dove into recording music digitally in whatever manner I could. At first it was as primitive as an old computer microphone wrapped in a sock and stuffed into my acoustic, plugged into the mic-in port and eventually making pretty sound waves in Cool Edit Pro. Around 1999, I threw a few songs together in Magix Music Maker using recorded WAV files and other sound clips taken from video games. I also had the chance to record a few tracks at my friends studio for free at one point. (Thank you Danny Loud!) My love for music and technology continues to evolve with newer and better gear to provide me with my home recording fix. I hope you enjoy my music, and I will always be writing, producing and recording more so stay tuned for more noise in the future!

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All music was made possible by my digital friends; Reason, Ableton Live, Cool Edit Pro, and Magix Music Maker, as well as special thanks to my stringed ninjas Arianna, Fender Jazz, Ibanez SR, & of course my favorite lady, “Bertha” (M-Audio Keystation Pro 88) and her daughter, “Maxi.”

All music recorded and produced by Jayar Bass @ JrStudios. All rights reserved.